Open source organizetion to develop internet services


A lightweight, agility, elastic, distributed plugin framework.


Object-Manager-Message-Function ECS framework

About US

Our Open-Source team has always specialized in agile development and try to help different teams to develop complex project quickly and easily.

Team features

Professional team

Our team are working for different business companies.

Open source

After using many OS projects, we’re feeding back to them.

Highly experience

Our team have industry experience 6+ years average.

Expert fields

Game client and server, telecom communication, etc.

Projects developed

Our teammates developed different fields and project more than 10+.

Direction of interest

Agile development, big data, AI, DevOps, etc.

Our open source projects


ARK is a lightweight, agility, elastic, distributed plugin framework written by C++´╝îmake it easier and faster to create your own application service.


ECS Object System, Object-Manager-Message-Function. Another way to develop Entity-Component-System, make your project customized.

Testmonial from developers

By involving open source project, I learned many development skills.


Developer, Pixel Digital

Learned many from open source projects, how to build a distributed service in server-side.


Developer, Some game company

Got much developing thought by discussing, I use this into my commercial project.


Senior server-side engineer, Some company

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